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Weight Loss

Benefits of Weight Loss

It is commonly known that having overweight and being fatty causes many diseases majorly high cholesterol level and heart diseases. Losing weight is not only looking smarter and decreasing dress size but also pushing away many diseases. If you start caring about your diet and life style then it is quite simple to lose weight and start living a healthy life. Health problems are usually results of being overweight. In the beginning, it is not necessary to drop 40 or 50 pounds of your weight to feel the difference and improvement in health but losing weight of 5 to 10 pounds in start shows the benefits of weight loss by stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Weight Loss – Astounding Benefits

One of the biggest merits of weight loss is decrease in risk of heart attacks. Benefits do not stop here but also effect daily life and confidence. Working-out for 30 minutes daily results in significant weight loss and thus lowers blood pressure 5 to 7 points. A large number of benefits can be seen in just starting of this exercise.

Weight Loss – A Blessing for Diabetes Patients

Type 2 diabetes is a disease which results in being overweight. It is due to the fact that cells become unable to respond to insulin, fats do not allow sugar to move to cells and as a result sugar level in blood increases. This type of diabetes is also called pre-diabetes. In this case produced insulin does not work as required. Chances of many severe diseases like heart attack, kidney failure and blindness are higher in this type of diabetes. So losing weight definitely removes fats from body thus enabling insulin to effect and maintain sugar level in blood.

Being overweight means having excessive fats in body. These fats release chemicals in blood which cause blood pressure cholesterol to rise. Being overweight causes liver to produce LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) also called bad cholesterol. LDL is sticky and sticks on sides of blood vessels thus making the passage narrow for blood resulting increase in pressure applied by heart to maintain flow of blood. Weight loss exercises can do wonders in letting you stay away from such painful ailments.

Overweight people have soft tissues present in neck leading to narrow the air vessels which cause snoring. Losing weight results in losing such tissues improving sleep and breathing meanwhile. Snoring of fatty people is quite dangerous which leads to stopping breathing while forcing the person to awake and begin process of breathing again. If weight losing measures are timely adopted, such a threatening situation can definitely be avoided.

By Muzzafar Hussain Zaman, Dr Muzzafar Zaman, GDC Muzzafar Zaman and Dentist Muzzafar Zaman