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Seven Days in Weight Loss

Here are some interesting stories appearing online over the last 7 days about diet and weight loss.

Obesity may not be as dangerous as we thought
new study from Denmark has found that the risk of an early death from being overweight is no longer as high as it was in the 1970’s. A team from the University of Copenhagen has looked at the data on over 100,000 people. They found that the risk of an early death in the 1970’s was higher in those classed as being obese compared with those who maintained a healthy weight. Over 30 years later the risk had dropped to zero. Despite the reduction, researchers don’t see this as a reason to stop trying to achieve a healthy weight.

Do friends make you overweight?
A nutritionist writing recently in the Huffington Post has suggested that it might be your friends or family who are keeping you fat. While you may think that your friends or partner should be the ones supporting you and helping you to lose weight, their unintentional actions may not. The nutritionist suggests that the best way of avoiding problems and lose weight is to involve friends and family in the process. They suggest trying to get them sold on the benefits of losing weight together.

Veganism may be bad for your health
Across the UK, there is a rise in people adopting a vegan diet which may be harming their health. According to the country’s leading dietician the decision to not eat meat, fish or dairy was being made on the grounds of fashion. The risk of such a diet is that people will not get enough protein or other crucial nutrients and vitamins. If they are pregnant, a vegan diet might also harm their babies.

Better Together
A bride and her two bridesmaids have between them lost 14st using WhatsApp to help them diet. By setting up a WhatsApp message group on each of their smartphones, it allowed them to send each other encouraging messages enabling them to stick to their diet. The three friends have shown that by dieting together and keeping each other motivated, they have managed to lose the pounds. In under two years, they shed 14st between them and as a result looked stunning in the wedding photographs.