How Your Body Builds Muscle

Building Muscle by Muzafar Zaman

Before you start training to gain your muscle mass, you should first look into the structure of muscle tissue and how it comes to develop and grow. One thing to remember is it takes time to gain muscle mass and see a physical change in your appearance. Some things may just surprise you about becoming toned, so read on to become successful at getting the muscles you’re aiming for.

Muscles come in many forms, the heart itself is a muscle, but when we speak about becoming strong, we’re talking about skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles throughout your body are formed by many fibres known as myofibrils, allowing the muscle to contract. The contractions are caused by signals from motor neurons. The fibers can become damaged during your workout, and as you rest, they are repaired with new protein fibers during a cellular process. Over time and many workouts, the repaired myofibrils will become denser and will also multiply, enhancing muscle growth. Due to this process occurring as you rest, you should ensure you get at least 8 hours sleep at night to maximise muscle growth.
The control you have over your muscle growth depends on numerous factors, over time you will be able to lift heavier loads, and should do so to ensure you are continously stressing your muscles so they continue to develop under tension. It’s also completely normal to feel sore after workouts, as your muscles are becoming damaged. This process will also kickstart the muscle growth, and over time you’ll feel less sore than you used to.

In order for your muscles to benefit totally, they must be fuelled with enough protein and calories as well as enough rest. You have to consume more than your standard calorie intake, just ensure you are eating clean and don’t make the mistake of overeating either. You should also focus on your protein intake to assist with your muscle growth, include fish, eggs and meat into your diet. Furthermore, make sure to consume plenty of water, as well as healthy fats that you can find in olives, nuts, avocado and tuna. A final tip is to eat more often during the day than the usual 3 meals that you are used to, instead try to aim for 5 or 6 smaller meals a day, one of which could be a protein shake to ensure you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

By Dr Muzzafar Zaman

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