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Mubashir Akhtar Fitness

Mubashir Akhtar

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I haven’t released an article in a couple of month. This has mainly been due to me moving but partially because I have been very busy lately with my own business. I couldn’t just leave you all in the lurch wondering if I will ever post more content so I will take this time to forward you onto a longtime friend of mines blog.


Mubashir Akhtar is a good friend of mine and we have worked together in the past. His blog contains all the same type of motivational and informational posts as mine but he has more time available than me so will be able to post more content more often.


Now I know that some of you may have already found alternatives to my blog, so feel free to message them to me and I can possibly create a list of alternative websites to visit. Until then, visit Mubashir’s website and get to know him. I’m more than sure you will enjoy his content as much as my own, at least until I get some more free time to post some of my own content again.


So, visit Mubashir Akhtar for some more fitness articles.