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Good Quality Nutrients

Dr Muzzafar Zaman

Choosing the right quality nutrition supplements

Choosing the right and quality nutrition health supplements is undoubtedly becoming difficult with every passing day thanks to the fact that lots of these supplements are added in the market every day. That means, on the other hand, that if you really are determined to get the best of health supplements, you must be armed with the right info. You can get such info from reliable online platforms or you can alternatively choose to talk to health experts like Dr Muzzafar Zaman.

The following are some of the many questions that you ask in order to pick the right supplement;

How does this supplement work and how is its quality?

You should not compromise on the quality of a health supplement that you are looking forward to buy. Here, it is important to look at the ingredients of that particular supplement while at the same time seeking to know where it was manufactured. Most of the health supplements available in the market nowadays are full of synthetic ingredients and fillers that give your body quite a hard time trying to process them.

Is this supplement fairly priced?

Contrary to what you might be thinking, never go for cheap health supplements. Qualities of such supplements are, in most cases, compromised. Good supplements are a bit expensive but made with quality ingredients.

Will this supplement meet my nutrition demands?

Before using any health or nutrition supplement, you must be sure that it will help you achieve the results that you want. However, feeling the difference after using the supplement will depend on how bad your vitamin deficiency is and how essential that nutrient is to your body.

What are the differences between the physician distributed health supplements and ones distributed by or in grocery stores?

Health nutrition supplements that are exclusively sold by health practitioners or physicians are known as pharmaceutical grade nutrition, high-grade quality supplements or nutraceuticals. These supplements are usually better manufactured, medically tested and proven and highly concentrated. Nutraceuticals are only sold by health practitioners so that patients can be closely monitored for any side effects.

For how long will I need to take this vitamin supplement?

Health professionals like Dr Muzzafar Zaman agree that before any patient must be tested before getting any health supplements prescription. The tests are done to determine the exact deficiency that the patient might be suffering from. For instance, a patient can be having deficiencies in certain minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants levels and amino acids. Through these tests, a patient is given the right dosage and timelines.

Basic health supplements

  • Omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • Multivitamin/Mineral Complex
  • Digestive enzymes
  • DSF, better known as the De-Stress formula

Nutritional supplements are important in our health and as such, when going to buy a health supplement, just keep the above-discussed factors and you will certainly get the best of the best and one which will give you good results. And, do not just trust any health supplement information that you will get online without first checking whether it is factual.

Losing weight by changing your day-to-day lifestyle

Changing your Lifestyle

Dentist Muzzafar Hussain Zaman


Usually, talk of losing weight causes people to groan in despair. This may be because they themselves are overweight and don’t know how to do anything about it, or it may be due to the fact that they have had a number of unsuccessful weight loss attempts in the past, and the thought of another one isn’t a good prospect for them. However, the majority of people complicate weight loss, and by simplifying the way that they think about it, they could lose the weight that they need to.

It’s all about the numbers

To put it simply, if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. You burn at least 1,000 calories per day simply by being alive, though this varies depending on your current weight and height, and every movement or action that you make on top of that will push that number even higher. By moving more to burn more calories, and cutting down on the amount of food that you eat, you will find that the numbers balance in your favour, and you begin to lose weight.

Slow and steady

There’s no need to go on a crash diet; studies show that the majority of people who lose weight quickly will regain it within twelve months, sometimes with more besides. Instead, try making small changes like hopping off the bus a stop early or taking the stairs instead of the lift when you go shopping. These will all burn more calories. You will also find that by slightly decreasing your portions at mealtimes, and replacing unhealthy snacks like chocolate with things that contain fewer calories, you can get the balance right.

Ultimately, this is what long term, successful weight loss is made from, and once you understand this you will find that you can lose weight much more effectively than you have ever done before.

Be careful when changing your diet and lifestyle, you dont want to starve youself, check our Dont Starve article for more tips on staying full!

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