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How Your Body Builds Muscle

Building Muscle by Muzafar Zaman

Before you start training to gain your muscle mass, you should first look into the structure of muscle tissue and how it comes to develop and grow. One thing to remember is it takes time to gain muscle mass and see a physical change in your appearance. Some things may just surprise you about becoming toned, so read on to become successful at getting the muscles you’re aiming for.

Muscles come in many forms, the heart itself is a muscle, but when we speak about becoming strong, we’re talking about skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles throughout your body are formed by many fibres known as myofibrils, allowing the muscle to contract. The contractions are caused by signals from motor neurons. The fibers can become damaged during your workout, and as you rest, they are repaired with new protein fibers during a cellular process. Over time and many workouts, the repaired myofibrils will become denser and will also multiply, enhancing muscle growth. Due to this process occurring as you rest, you should ensure you get at least 8 hours sleep at night to maximise muscle growth.
The control you have over your muscle growth depends on numerous factors, over time you will be able to lift heavier loads, and should do so to ensure you are continously stressing your muscles so they continue to develop under tension. It’s also completely normal to feel sore after workouts, as your muscles are becoming damaged. This process will also kickstart the muscle growth, and over time you’ll feel less sore than you used to.

In order for your muscles to benefit totally, they must be fuelled with enough protein and calories as well as enough rest. You have to consume more than your standard calorie intake, just ensure you are eating clean and don’t make the mistake of overeating either. You should also focus on your protein intake to assist with your muscle growth, include fish, eggs and meat into your diet. Furthermore, make sure to consume plenty of water, as well as healthy fats that you can find in olives, nuts, avocado and tuna. A final tip is to eat more often during the day than the usual 3 meals that you are used to, instead try to aim for 5 or 6 smaller meals a day, one of which could be a protein shake to ensure you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

By Dr Muzzafar Zaman

The Benefits of Exercise

Dr Muzzafar Zaman

If you’re struggling to keep on top of a new exercise regime, Dr Muzzafar Zaman is here to help. New Year’s resolutions are something we’d all like to do, but getting started on a new workout regime can be tough with the odds firmly stacked against those without willpower. To make things even trickier, consistency plays a crucial role in determining successful results when introducing any exercise into your routine.

Don’t let office hours interfere with your exercise routine

For the best results inside and out, ensuring a consistent and intensive workout regime from the off is the best strategy. Many of us struggle to keep a healthy work-life balance at the best of times, and working even one daily exercise routine into an already busy diary can be the first hurdle for a consistent regime. Often, office needs come first, forcing lunchtime gym visits and trips to the track to the back of the to-do list. If these types of exercises are making up core component of your routine, consider replacing them with something else, or at least switching up the time of your trip so you’re less likely to have to sacrifice it from your schedule for an emergency department meeting.

Set a schedule and keep good company

Keep cardio workouts to mornings whenever possible, ideally before the working day begins. Not only does this leave less interruptions to interfere with your routine, but it’ll provide the body with a much needed energy boost that can be crucial for maintaining willpower and well-being during the first few days and weeks of a new exercise regime. If you’re a late starter or struggle to set aside time in the day, you can also work in cardio time in the hours after eating your last meal of the day. If you’re still struggling to keep your willpower up weeks into your new exercise plan, consider bringing in a workout partner to keep your mind occupied and spirits motivated.

Is it time to invest in a personal trainer?

If you’re looking to build muscle and incorporate a lot of resistance training into your exercise schedule, then you’re going to need to be committed. Falling behind by just a few sessions not only sets your progress back, it can make recovery and return to your usual performance levels more difficult. You’ll never be able to navigate around every unforeseen circumstance, but you can give yourself a great head start by seeking out a professional trainer to help track your fitness levels, performance and progress.

If you’re giving your lifestyle a major overall, long-term planning really does pay off. Know your limits, don’t set the bar too high and above all else, do your homework and ensure you’ve picked the optimal routine for you. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, so consider whether a few small changes can give you the kick you need, or whether you’re better investing in some professional support to keep on track and maintain progress.

By Dr Muzzafar Zaman

Facts Leading To Weight Loss Motivation

Dr Muzzafar Zaman, a guru on fitness and an expert on weight loss from the United Kingdom, offers some facts to inspire those who need to be inspired to do what they have to do and go from good to great.

Factual Inspiration

  • Increased Metabolism – Exercise hastens the body’s metabolic processes which in turn, burns more fat. Hence, the more fat you need to get rid of, the more exercise you need to undertake.  Fat can lead to heart disease among others, so it is imperative to keep it within safe limits and to the minimum.
  • Improved Rate of Digestion – With a higher metabolism rate resulting from exercise, follows higher digestion rate. This simply means that engaging in regular exercise pushes the body to release more of that stored energy which in turn causes the body to look for more energy from foods you have ingested.
  • Fat Reduction – Dr Muzzafar Zaman says that to lose weight in all parts of your body that have excess weight, exercise should be targeted at these specific areas as well. In addition to general exercises that improve heart rate and blood circulation, spot exercises for each area is essential for balanced fitness and contouring.  The idea is that although simple aerobic exercise can burn fat, other forms of exercise geared towards problem areas will hasten fat loss.
  • Right Diet – There is a right diet for everyone and Dr Muzzafar Zaman has diet options prepared for anyone who’s interested. Exercise without the proper diet is insufficient to achieve weight loss and better health.  But together, they can change your life from bad to better, or from good to great, depending on the seriousness of your situation.


Many people are just damn too stubborn to put their health on top priority.  Habits die hard and change is painful.  Obesity especially in some countries is fast becoming an epidemic that few seem to care about as it is not a disease that impacts in the early stages.  Rather, it builds up slowly but ever so surely and wham!  It hits you and it might be too late.  Obesity is the result of over self-indulgence which can never feel bad, or so until it does.

The rising costs of healthcare is another powerful motivational tool to push in making a lasting lifestyle change.  What are you waiting for, then?  Let’s do this!

By Dr Muzzafar Zaman

All You Need To Know About Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition

Muzzafar Zaman

Why Do We Need To Consider Healthy Nutrition?

There is no denying the fact that having a healthy body is the most priceless asset one can have. Good health is the key to all kind of joys and successes in one’s life. And in order to maintain good health, one has to remain careful about one’s nutrition and life activities. Whatever we eat is the raw material for manufacturing different elements of our body. The entire process of growth and development relies on the quality and quantity of food being taken in. The metabolic and catabolic reactions in the body are all about the nutritional ingredient we take in. Thus, it is pretty crystal clear that nutrition is one of the most important factors to be considered when it comes to maintaining good health. But what actually is meant by a ‘healthy nutrition’? Let’s go through the rest of the text and find the answers.

Ingredients Of Healthy Nutrition

The food we taken in is broken down into small parts through various metabolic processes. The raw material is then utilized for producing energy and development of the body. A healthy diet is the one that supplies our bodies with all those required ingredient needed to growth and development. Some of those key elements/ingredients are:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Proteins
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals

Why Are These Ingredients Important?

These ingredients, in one or the other way, contribute to make up our bodies. Carbohydrates are necessary for producing energy in the body (a process in which carbohydrates are burnt in the presence of oxygen and energy is produced). Proteins are required for the build up and healing of human body. Fats are sometimes considered as energy reserves. Vitamins and minerals are needed to maintain the osmotic balance of the blood and to help other gland secrete their respective hormones.

The Conclusion

Thus, the concept of health eating is all about eating everything. Strict vegetarians take too much of carbohydrates whereas strict non-vegetarians take too much of protein. Neither of these two practices is good. One needs to keep a balance in what one is eating. Eat healthy, eat rationally and live a healthy life. Most of the nutritionists advise their clients to include a rational amount of pulses, meat (beef, mutton, chicken) and fruits in their everyday diet. In addition to this, Milk itself is a very good diet and helps you regain energy in your body.

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England were unlucky!

This week we’re discussing the world cup so far and mainly focusing on England.

Brazil got decimated by Germany earlier this week, and then Argentina unconvincingly knocked out The Netherlands on penalties.

England were handed a tough group, Italy are always up for the big matches, Uraguay are deadly clinical and Costa Rica will play park the bus.

They started very well against Italy and were very unlucky not to get a point out the game, Italy were strong and clinic ( the only match they actually showed promise) and managed to just sneak a win.

With a solid performance out the way most people expected a point at least from Uruguay, England started poorly and were facing a high pressing Uruguay. A wonder ball setup Suarez for an easy finish and then England kicked into gear and equalized late only to then  concede straight away due to terrible defending on Gerrard’s part (not the first time this year he’s cost his team).

England were out by the time Italy managed not to win and it was all over only 2 games into the World Cup. In total England were the most unluckiest team in terms of Clinical finishing from the opposition they conceded 6 shots and 4 goals. And there performances actually topped other teams that managed to make it far they just didn’t have one of the most important aspects of Football on their side – Luck.

World Cup latest!

Dr Muzzafar Zaman

So far the world cup has been highly entertaining, although I want to discuss the officiating.

So far there’s been numerous refereeing mistakes, from penalty’s not given to biters not been punished.

Fifa decided to not chose the best man for the job but instead choose a referee from each nation, which had lead to some terrible poor decision making, when you have officials whom have never referred a game that had more than 5,000 watching to then ruling a match that has millions of people watching.

Thanks for reading! – Dr Muzzafar Zaman

Muzzafar Zaman

The benefits of weight loss

It is common knowledge that obesity is a problem sweeping many countries across the planet, however many still choose to sit tight and simply watch it happen. If you are overweight or even obese yourself, there are a number of reasons that you should consider changing the way that you live in order to address the problem.

Physical benefits of weight loss by Muzzafar Zaman

When you are losing weight, you should find that you are able to tell the difference in yourself immediately. Simply the act of improving your lifestyle can change the way you feel, giving you more energy and a better ability to cope with the physical demands of day-to-day life. Not only this, but you should find that if you improve your diet, your skin will glow, your hair will shine, and your bones and nails will become much stronger.

Weight loss as an illness preventative

Those who are of a healthy weight with a balanced diet have a better immune system than those who do not. Their bodies find it easier to fight off illness, and illnesses that do appear have a much shorter duration.

In addition, more serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease have been linked to being overweight. Simply reducing your weight into the ‘healthy’ category (in accordance to BMI charts) can slash your risks of these illnesses, and leave you looking forward to a much brighter future.

Taking these facts into consideration, it is clear to see that weight loss is a sensible step to take to try to ensure a long and healthy life for yourself. Although some people may find it difficult to lose the weight that they need to, many find that once they get into healthier habits in their every day life, they manage to reach their target weight and stay there.