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Good Quality Nutrients

Dr Muzzafar Zaman

Choosing the right quality nutrition supplements

Choosing the right and quality nutrition health supplements is undoubtedly becoming difficult with every passing day thanks to the fact that lots of these supplements are added in the market every day. That means, on the other hand, that if you really are determined to get the best of health supplements, you must be armed with the right info. You can get such info from reliable online platforms or you can alternatively choose to talk to health experts like Dr Muzzafar Zaman.

The following are some of the many questions that you ask in order to pick the right supplement;

How does this supplement work and how is its quality?

You should not compromise on the quality of a health supplement that you are looking forward to buy. Here, it is important to look at the ingredients of that particular supplement while at the same time seeking to know where it was manufactured. Most of the health supplements available in the market nowadays are full of synthetic ingredients and fillers that give your body quite a hard time trying to process them.

Is this supplement fairly priced?

Contrary to what you might be thinking, never go for cheap health supplements. Qualities of such supplements are, in most cases, compromised. Good supplements are a bit expensive but made with quality ingredients.

Will this supplement meet my nutrition demands?

Before using any health or nutrition supplement, you must be sure that it will help you achieve the results that you want. However, feeling the difference after using the supplement will depend on how bad your vitamin deficiency is and how essential that nutrient is to your body.

What are the differences between the physician distributed health supplements and ones distributed by or in grocery stores?

Health nutrition supplements that are exclusively sold by health practitioners or physicians are known as pharmaceutical grade nutrition, high-grade quality supplements or nutraceuticals. These supplements are usually better manufactured, medically tested and proven and highly concentrated. Nutraceuticals are only sold by health practitioners so that patients can be closely monitored for any side effects.

For how long will I need to take this vitamin supplement?

Health professionals like Dr Muzzafar Zaman agree that before any patient must be tested before getting any health supplements prescription. The tests are done to determine the exact deficiency that the patient might be suffering from. For instance, a patient can be having deficiencies in certain minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants levels and amino acids. Through these tests, a patient is given the right dosage and timelines.

Basic health supplements

  • Omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • Multivitamin/Mineral Complex
  • Digestive enzymes
  • DSF, better known as the De-Stress formula

Nutritional supplements are important in our health and as such, when going to buy a health supplement, just keep the above-discussed factors and you will certainly get the best of the best and one which will give you good results. And, do not just trust any health supplement information that you will get online without first checking whether it is factual.

Muzzafar Zaman

Different Types of Diets

Weight Loss

Dr Muzzafar Zaman

Over the period of time, the case of obesity is becoming more and more common around the world. It has been reported that every fourth individual in the developed countries of the world is suffering from obesity. This increasing incidence of obesity is alarming as the overweight condition leads to a number of serious diseases. For this reason, it is being emphasized by medical practitioners and healthcare consultants around the world to create awareness about weight loss. Now, losing weight is sometimes tried with different medicines, drugs and synthetic products. But the fact of the matter is that nothing is as effective in losing weight as is the proper diet and exercise. To know more about different types of diets which may help you lose weight, let’s dig into this article.

Nuts and fruits are considered vital in reducing body weight. These diets have least amount of fats and maximum amount of fiber and carbohydrates. Remember that for obese people, fats is a big NO. thus, anything that has fats content should be avoided. Moreover, green tea is considered a very important diet when it comes to losing weight. Green tea is supposed to have ingredients which can help you burning those extra calories accumulated in your body. In addition to this, eating an apple everyday in the breakfast can help you a great deal. It has fiber content, it is rich in carbohydrates and it can yield greater energy to your body. Pulses are great source of protein for body and they have almost zero fat level in them. For this reason, it is recommended to make use of pulses and avoid taking fried meat or other such products. This helps in weight loss.

Another very important thing to be considered here is that the fast food or junk food items are highly dangerous for obese people. Junk food is always rich in fats and can destroy your entire weight loss programs. Most of the healthcare consultants are of the view that cola drinks are also not feasible for your body if you’re considering losing weight. The different types of diets advised in this essay are all suitable for your body. These diets will not starve your body and will not accumulate extra fats in your body tissues. Thus, it may be concluded that with careful selection of your diet, you can actually help yourself in reducing your weight.

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Dr Muzzafar Zaman

Nutrition for Kids

The Bottom Line of Healthy Nutrition For Kids

Dr Muzzafar Zaman


Key To Your Kids’ Health

There is no second question about the fact that healthy nutrition is what makes your kids healthy, active and agile. It is generally said that food is to body as fuel is to engine! And this implies that the quality of the food determines what kind of body health status one is going to have. Especially in early years of life, it is very important to ensure that one’s eating habits and nutritional quality of the food is up to the mark. This article is meant for those parents who’re worried about the health of their young or teenage kids. This article will throw some light on the importance of healthy nutrition and will let you know what kind of food will best suit your kids.

The Initial Message

To start with, it is important to know that the body requirement for food stuff is pretty diverse. The body of kids is in developing stage and needs continuous supply of quality food material. And by quality food material we mean the kind of food plate that contains all the required ingredients. These ingredients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Your kids badly need sufficient quantities of proteins and carbohydrates because these two ingredients are mainly responsible for the development and growth.

Best Diet Options

The best diet choices to feed your kids with the finest quality of proteins and carbohydrates are milk, meat, pulses and fruits. These items have minimum quantities of fats and maximum of proteins. Proteins have amino acids which are said to be the building blocks of all enzymes and cells. Thus, sufficient quantities of proteins ensures that the developmental processes in the body of your kids are going in the right direction and at the right pace.

The Case Of Malnutrition

The case of malnutrition is largely associated with unhealthy nutrition plans. The kids which eat a lot of food (without considering the concept of healthy nutrition), they fall prey of malnutrition. Thus, if you’re interested in keep your kids’ health in perfect state, start advising your child to use all the above mentioned food stuff. A healthy diet would lead to normal metabolic and anabolic processes in the body of children which would ultimately lead to a fine body status and a sharp mine. And this is what you want to have in your kids. So, be vigilant in future and enjoy good health!

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All You Need To Know About Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition

Muzzafar Zaman

Why Do We Need To Consider Healthy Nutrition?

There is no denying the fact that having a healthy body is the most priceless asset one can have. Good health is the key to all kind of joys and successes in one’s life. And in order to maintain good health, one has to remain careful about one’s nutrition and life activities. Whatever we eat is the raw material for manufacturing different elements of our body. The entire process of growth and development relies on the quality and quantity of food being taken in. The metabolic and catabolic reactions in the body are all about the nutritional ingredient we take in. Thus, it is pretty crystal clear that nutrition is one of the most important factors to be considered when it comes to maintaining good health. But what actually is meant by a ‘healthy nutrition’? Let’s go through the rest of the text and find the answers.

Ingredients Of Healthy Nutrition

The food we taken in is broken down into small parts through various metabolic processes. The raw material is then utilized for producing energy and development of the body. A healthy diet is the one that supplies our bodies with all those required ingredient needed to growth and development. Some of those key elements/ingredients are:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Proteins
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals

Why Are These Ingredients Important?

These ingredients, in one or the other way, contribute to make up our bodies. Carbohydrates are necessary for producing energy in the body (a process in which carbohydrates are burnt in the presence of oxygen and energy is produced). Proteins are required for the build up and healing of human body. Fats are sometimes considered as energy reserves. Vitamins and minerals are needed to maintain the osmotic balance of the blood and to help other gland secrete their respective hormones.

The Conclusion

Thus, the concept of health eating is all about eating everything. Strict vegetarians take too much of carbohydrates whereas strict non-vegetarians take too much of protein. Neither of these two practices is good. One needs to keep a balance in what one is eating. Eat healthy, eat rationally and live a healthy life. Most of the nutritionists advise their clients to include a rational amount of pulses, meat (beef, mutton, chicken) and fruits in their everyday diet. In addition to this, Milk itself is a very good diet and helps you regain energy in your body.

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